Decoding Web Hosting

In a world where having internet presence matters more to the customers than anything else, everyone is clamoring for a little space on the omnipresent World Wide Web.

Whether it is a beauty blogger, an ecommerce owner, a software giant, a housewife who wants to showcase culinary excursions or an educational institution – having a website for your business is a must. And the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to reach your target customer/audience/reader is by having a website. Web hosting is the way to achieve this.

Web Hosting is an internet hosting service, where a user (the person who intends to have a website) can use the services of a web host (the entity which leases out space on the web) to form and run a website. Web hosting can be free, paid or shared. Anyone who wishes to have their content displayed through the World Wide Web can take advantage of web hosting services. From having a blog to having an ecommerce website selling plus size corsets, sexy lingerie or sexy dresses, web hosting caters to all.

Web Hosts act like a bridge

Which type of web hosting you wish to choose depends on the amount of traffic and kind of visitors you are expecting. For a user who wants a web page to show latest makeup hauls, food recipes or write a tech blog, free web hosting are the best options. Free web hosts give the liberty of hosting your content through their sites but it’s a no-frills-attached preposition; the amount of data storage, size of files that you can upload, email capacity, bandwidth will be low. The domain name may not be of the user’s choice. For professional websites like a proprietary company, ecommerce website etc., free web hosting just cannot make the cut; it will not give all the desired features; paid web hosting is the only way to get substantial bandwidth, unlimited space, no embedded advertisements, personalized error and result pages, scheduling cron utility, getting technical support, forum creation and also a domain name of your choice etc.

When choosing a web hosting type, think more about the cons rather than the pros while evaluating one over the other. Free web hosting might result in more downtime (your dedicated webpage may not ‘load’ or open when a potential reader tries to open it), storage may be very constricted in free hosting options. Paid web hosting gives you the power to choose your domain name (the domain name is part of your first impression in the web world); sometimes premium DNS are allocated for paid memberships (premium DNS will provide you better security, less of ‘undelivered email’ message etc.). There are lots of benefits for users who choose dedicated web hosting; faster customer/reader response, high level of security, dedicated servers. It is good option only if one is ready to pay a premium.

How DNS lookup works

Thanks to the mushrooming of so many hosting websites, creating a website is almost a child’s play today; give essential details and the website is up and running with one click; there are hundreds of templates to choose from. Think and choose you web hosting option.